Our Donors This Season: August 1, 2017 – July 31, 2018

TEA is a 501[c]3 non-profit. Donations are 100% tax deductible.

Gifts can be sent to TEA at 1400 Dallas Street, Aurora CO 80010.

For any questions please call 720-492-9479 or email theatre.esprit@gmail.com    


Red Robe


City of Aurora

Maria Cheng (in kind)

Pu Er


Chinook Fund

Colorado Creative Industries

Iron Goddess



Dr. Henry Cheng

Maria Cheng

Will McCreary (in kind)

Jon Vogels (in kind)

Silver Needle


Dr. John Cheng

Lori Hansen (in kind)

Ivy Hontz

Dragon Pearl


Asian Avenue Magazine

  (in kind)

Maileen Hamto (in kind)

Ginny Magid

Dr. Pat McShane Byeongsook Seo

Lily Shen

Jon Vogels

Dragon Well

$250 - $499

Norse Bear & Ranee Shenoi

Douglas Campbell

Tarika Cefkin

Charlie Chiv

Angela Cho (in kind)

William Drake

Zachary Drake &

  Sarah Taylo

Ginny Magid (in kind)

Celena Martinez (in kind)

Ines Hsu Tok

June Inuzuka &

  Steve Dreskin

Jay & Donna LaVigne

  (in kind)

Medtronic Inc.

White Pearl


ACAD (in kind)

Bill & Sandi Bruns

Harry Budisidharta

Greg Eisler

Irfan & Martha Hussain

Irene & Kenji Kawanabe

Jay & Donna LaVigne

Celena Martinez

Dr. Paul Newman

Roger Simon

Tadd Woods &

  Lisa Sevcik

Linda Yip


Up to $99

Sushma Bagga in-kind

Brent Berry

Carol  Bosserman

Cathy Cohen

Lorraine Gill

Munam Goodwyn

Lori Hansen

Sonny & David 


Juliette Lee

Michael & Karen


Thomas Moore

Tristen Smith

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