Dust Storm | Spirit & Sworded Treks
April 28 through May 20, 2018

Saturday 7:30pm | Sunday 2pm

ACAD Galllery Theatre

1400 Dallas St. Aurora, CO 80010 





Dust Storm, written by Rick Foster, directed by Maria Cheng and acted by brilliant TEA newcomer Michael Chen, is a poignant and redemptive tale of a rebellious Japanese-American youth interned in Topaz, Utah during WWII. Seiji grows to maturity, helped by a wise old painter, whom he at first scorns. This play is based on real-life master artist Chiura Obata, who was almost murdered at the camp by ‘nono boys’, those still loyal to the Japanese Emperor and who refused to say ‘yes, yes’ to two loyalty oaths demanded by the US government. Says the Sonoran Union, “The most palatable examination possible of a grievous episode in history…greatest kind of drama, the truth, told with powerful force.”

Spirit & Sworded Treks is written, directed and performed by TEA co-founder and artistic director Maria Cheng. The New York Times describes it as “wickedly funny…exquisitely crafted.” Follow a wry and delightful sojourn of one woman’s attempt to maintain a spiritual path, while also doggedly pursuing, and critiquing, the American dream. In this tour de force work, Cheng does stand-up, sings [badly], performs classic Asian dance, threatens with sword and saber, practices tai chi chuan and simply tells stories. SST has received accolades across four continents. It won Best Actress, Choreography, Lighting, Original Play and People’s Choice at the 2014 Colorado Theatre Festival.

Photo by Maileen Hamto

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